JazzDance (2011)
JazzDance is a magnificent collection of fresh, contemporary Jazz arrangements that delights from beginning to end. Every tune will have you tapping your toes, bopping your head, and daring you to stay in your seat. Combining elements of Jazz, Pop, Latin, and Soul, Rocío’s voice will lead you to laughter, tears, and all points in between… including the frequent shake of your head as you marvel at the just-right phrase or the rare display of “Because I can!” fireworks. Produced by Rocío Guitard and Greg Sankovich.
Windmills (2008)
Produced by Jerry Strucker and Tom Disher, Windmills features top-notch production, arrangements and musicians to portray a new set of songs that venture deep into Rocío’s soul. “I wanted to go a different route with this project than I did with Mosaïque,” she says. “As much fun as I had doing a completely spontaneous record the first time around, I needed to see how far I could go not just into myself when it comes to writing, but also what an elaborate level of production could do to my tunes.” The result is a stunning collection of deeply felt songs which provide the perfect backdrop for Rocío’s outstanding voice.
Mosaïque (2002)
Rocío’s debut album, Mosaïque, was recorded mostly unrehearsed. It is a portrait of the chemistry between solid musicians and their spontaneous deliveries, making each performance unique and unforgettable. Her intent was to capture the live energy she is known for, and she succeeded. Mosaïque takes the music world on an eclectic ride through the lush landscapes of sound. Entirely written and produced by Rocío Guitard, Mosaïque features legendary musicians Howard Wales (The Grateful Dead, Harvey Mandell) and Terry Haggerty (Sons of Champlin).