Review of “JazzDance” by Scott Yanow

Rocio Guitard, a very versatile singer and a highly respected educator based in the San Francisco Bay area, recorded JazzDance for two specific reasons. While her earlier recordings, Mosaique and Windmills, found her singing her originals in styles that included pop, World Music, jazz and soul, JazzDance features her transforming jazz standards into new music. In addition to the love that she feels for jazz, Ms. Guitard felt that many jazz musicians were doing themselves a disservice by playing overly intellectual music for other musicians, by not seeming to have fun when they played, and not bothering to involve the audience. Unlike during the swing era, jazz listeners are expected to sit still and be quiet. Continue reading

"To provide the X Factor to such an established and creative musical artform as jazz, you need to have a sound understanding of the genre, a resolve and thirst to research the project, and above all, the talent to deliver it. Rocio Guitard has all of these in abundance; if you are a fan of 'real jazz' and its heritage, step on to the floor and enjoy this 'JazzDance'." - Wes Gillespie, JazzNet247

"One of the best female jazz vocal projects currently out there." - Mark Stanley, SoundTraxx

"This collection of re-fashioned jazz standards uses lush and inventive arrangements that are at once expansive and yet economical, serious yet possessing moments of wry humor. But let's not lose sight of the most important aspect of the CD: Ms. Guitard's absolutely virtuosic singing. Just listen to the half-dozen distinct tonal qualities of her voice on her version of the swing era classic "Sing, Sing, Sing", or the hushed focus behind "Harlem Nocturne", or the scatting throughout the disc, and you'll get what a major vocal talent she is." - Michael Smolens, Second Sight Music

"Few other singers could put on such a display so successfully. (...) Throughout JazzDance, Rocio Guitard shows that she is quite a powerhouse, one who has a wide range, a beautiful voice, and the intuitive ability to be a major jazz singer. This set is highly recommended." - Scott Yanow, author of ten books including The Jazz Singers, Swing, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76

"Rocio Guitard is an extremely creative and exciting vocalist on the jazz scene today. Her innovative arrangements and wide spectrum of expression stand heads above the army of typical jazz interpreters. Listen to her." - Jeffrey Wood, Fantasy Studios

"Breathlessly agile, wonderful, and brilliant." - Sueddeutsche Zeitung

"An amazing artist." - Mark Phillips, Ultimate Audio

"Rocio Guitard is what music is all about." - Joe Kelley, WVOF